eLIFE® DIY Accessories!

  • Promotes blood flow of specific areas
  • Relieves pressure on nerves, tendons, ligaments, blood vessels, joints and fascia
  • Stimulates acupuncture points and balances meridians
  • Made of high quality silicon (soft and durable)
  • Contains 2700ppm – 3000ppm of negative ions powder (natural)

Simply apply ebodycup directly on the affected area and press with thumb until the cup center touches the skin and firmly sucks on the affected area, then release the thumb and leave ebodycup on your skin for 5 to 20 minutes. Once finished, remove it by lifting the rim to let air in.

ebodycup photo (website)

Using a single unit or multiple units at the same time is applicable.

Suction cups applied on the skin’s surface forms a vacuum effect, which lifts up surface soft tissue or stimulates acupunture points to gather deep tissue blood under it. The usage of ebodycup together with eLIFE® maximizes the effectiveness of therapeutic treatment in the form of cupping, to promote better health conditions.

Q & A

ebodycup helps in promoting blood flow of specific areas by creating a decompression. What effects can I gain from it?
It helps to promote the self-healing of soft tissues, purging of blood clots, and removal of metabolic waste, contaminations and excess body water. It also lightens inflammation and relieves pain caused by inflammation.

Can I apply lotion or moisturizers during usage of ebodycup?
Yes. You may apply a little moisturizer or natural essential oil to the skin before placing the ebodycup on.

Who should not use ebodycup?
Pregnant women, or those with skin allergies. It is not recommended for wounds or closing wounds.

What is the benefit of the negative ions powder contained in ebodycup?
Negative ions feature strong infrared emissions that promote blood flow and body metabolism, and improve the body’s resistance to disease. It has a calming, antibacterial, and sterilizing effect.

What is the storage method of ebodycup?
Gently wipe with a dry and clean cloth before storage in a cool, dry place.