eLIFE® DIY Accessories!

  • Promotes blood flow of specific areas
  • Enhances effectiveness while using eLIFE®
  • Contains N42 gold plated disc magnet

Directly apply on affected areas.


Magnetic Therapy or Bio-Energy Magnetic Technique, through eMAGNET PAD, enhances the influence from external magnetic fields to facilitate certain bodily functions and prevent diseases or promote health.

Q & A

What are the differences between eMAGNET PAD and other brands?
The eMAGNET PAD uses Neodymium magnets as material. This kind of magnet has much higher magnetic transmission and deterioration is minimal, making it less susceptible to environmental impact. It is user friendly, portable, and eMAGNET PAD can be used together with eLIFE® for better effectiveness.

Who should not use magnets?
Pregnant women and those who have had heart beat devices or other electronic devices installed.

Will it cause any injury if the wrong side of the magnet is applied?
The FDA defined magnet therapy as non-invasive because even if the wrong side of the magnet is applied, the treatment result is non-effective; no injuries are caused at all. However, when the appropriate side is applied, the treatment result can be very obvious.

Do magnets cause any damage, injury, or side-effects to the body?
The FDA defined magnet therapy as a “non-invasive” method. When it is used properly, magnet therapy can be an economical, safe, and side-effect-free preventive measure against diseases.