Miracle Laundry Solution

Benefits Of eWASH
  • eWASH prevents the oxidation and discoloration of fabric that is caused by chlorine in the water, and helps to retain the elasticity of the fabric.
  • ewash_machine (2)It contains an anti-bacterial agent that eliminates molding, pathogenic organisms and unpleasant odors, and at the same time activates water molecules to increase the cleaning effect.
  • With these combined functions, it is not necessary to add bleaching agent, fabric softener or any other washing additives.
  • For children, women, and people with sensitive or delicate skin, using eWASH for their laundry is highly recommended.
  • There will be no fabric tangles or twists after usage.
  • Cost savings, skin irritation protection and reduction of pollution caused by synthetic detergents, multiple benefits can be achieved at one time.
Duration Of Balls

More than 2 years (once a day usage).

eWASH Features
  • eWASH is scientifically designed, and contains 4 types of special natural ceramic balls and permanent magnets (with 3,000 gauss).
  • eWASH dispenses with the use of ordinary synthetic detergents.
  • Excellent performance in cleaning, bleaching and sterilizing. It is approved and certified by the Korean National Authorization Institute.
  • Compared with existing laundry methods, eWASH provides an ideal washing solution. It saves detergent, water, electricity and time, enhances health and benefits the environment.
  • It contains “patented material” that makes itself outstanding in performance and effectiveness.
  • eWASH reduces the detrimental effects from remains of the chlorine from tap water. So it is environmentally friendly, and protective for clothes and human skin.
Scientific Theory


  • The powerful far-infrared rays from the eWASH BALL break water molecules’ hydrogen-combinations into small clusters, and force the small water clusters being activated to increase its molecular motions, penetration force and washing power. The rays also radiate negative ions to weaken the surface and inter-fabric adhesion so that dirt can come off easily without any detergent.
  • The ALKALINE BALL keeps the pH spectrum at the level that ordinary chemical detergent has, and it helps remove oil and dirt from clothes.
  • The ANTIBACTERIAL BALL eliminates the mold and pathogenic organisms in the washing machine, and activates the water to increase cleaning effectiveness.
  • The CHLORINE EXCLUSION BALL eliminates the chloride compound in the water, reduces water surface tension and increases the cleaning strength.
  • Function of lonization and Magnetization – Passing by the magnet fields, the water changes its chemical and physical characteristics (magnetic – ionic – alkaline), acquiring a hexagonal molecular shape (like water in the human body) and increased concentrations of oxygen (dissolved in the water). Impurities and odor in the washing drum, hoses, and water pipes are discomposed by its strong oxidation effect.
Product Highlights
  • 100% natural components
  • 80% less detergent
  • Antibacterial
  • Chlorine neutralizer
  • Eliminates use of conditioner
  • Free of heavy metals
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Save money