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eMIND is a hi-tech wellness device that helps to boost concentration levels or sets the mind in rest mode, depending on your choice. The product is designed to provide stress relief, improved concentration and relaxation, and can be used as a learning aid.

eMIND is a portable device consisting of eye-wear that transmits pulsating lights and a sound player that plays suitable sounds, depending on your selection. The revolutionary light and sound system is designed to provide stress relief, and improve verbal memory, learning and attention.

It is robustly built, ergonomically designed, and very comfortable to wear. The eye-wear and the sound player complement each other, but may also be used separately.

Brain Waves

The human brain gives off different vibrations (measured in frequencies) depending on what activity is happening, and how relaxed or active the person is. These vibrations, called brain waves, are like fingerprints of the activity in the brain.

Brain Waves Frequency Activity
Beta 13 – 30 Hz Highly Focused & Alert (normal waking state)
- Intense situations requiring focused attention.
Alpha 8 – 12 Hz Alert But Relaxed (deeply relaxed or dreaming)
- Relaxed thoughtfulness; conscious thought.
Theta 4 – 7 Hz Drowsiness (early sleep or deep meditation)
- Dreaming state; thoughts from the subconscious come to the surface.
Delta 1 – 3 Hz Deep Sleep
- The mind is at rest, dormant.

The eMIND uses Audio-Visual Stimulation through synchronized sound and light rhythms to influence brain activity. The product has 2 built-in programs designed to help you attain the brain activity that you want.

Independent Research

The eMIND device has been researched by:

Neuropsychologist Joseph I. Tracy, Ph.D, Associate Professor of Neurology and Radiology, Jefferson Medical
College of Thomas Jefferson University, and Director of Cognitive Neuroscience and Brain Imaging Laboratory Thomas Jefferson University Hospital; and Michael R. Sperling, MD, Baldwin Keyes Professor and Vice Chairman for Clinical Affairs at Jefferson Medical College, and Director of the Thomas Jefferson Comprehensive Epilepsy Center, Department of Neurology.

An article published in August in the Vol. 3, No. 2, 2007 issue of the International Journal of Learning Technology, “A test of the efficacy of the eMIND device for improving verbal memory, learning and attention”, detailed their research as below;

” The primary hypothesis was that after training with the eMIND there would be improvement in verbal memory, associative learning, working memory and attention/concentration. Results showed a statistically reliable improvement on the measure of attention/concentration and the Digit Span Forwards test, following eMIND training. The data suggests the eMIND device provides modest enhancement in the ability to focus, attend, and report information over the short term “.
Sound Of Nature

The eMIND sound player has been programmed with soothing sounds from nature. It is designed to put your mind at ease, and create the relaxing atmosphere that you want.

The following are some of the sounds in the eMIND sound player device:

Sound Effect
Ocean waves The sound of steady, rhythmic ocean waves provides a sensation of relaxation and calm. Ocean waves may also remind one of a relaxing and calm vacation.
Sounds from the forest Birds and wind chimes are comforting sounds that provide a relaxing and stress free atmosphere.
Key Features

Key features of the eMIND :

  • Compact (55mm) and ultra-light weight (24 grams)
  • Comfortable to be worn around the neck
  • Simple one-touch operations
  • Elegant and stylish in design


Key Benefits

Key benefits of the eMIND :

emind_relaxation (1)

The eMIND device is a great stress buster! It has been scientifically proven to greatly reduce stress, thus helping you relax and allowing you to be more creative in all that you do.

emind_concentration (1)

By selecting the appropriate program, you can achieve a high level of concentration to help you focus on the task or activity at hand. This improved level of concentration means that your work gets completed quicker and with minimum mistakes. It is also very useful for students who are preparing for major examinations. The eMIND device is a wonderful learning aid that will condition the mind to concentrate better and improve memory retention.

emind_deepsleep (1)

Deep Sleep
Blissful and restful deep sleep can be enjoyed by using the eMIND when you are about to retire for bed. This will help you feel very refreshed and revitalized, and ready to face whatever task and challenges of the next day.