Total Wellbeing

When The Body, Mind, And Soul Are In Harmony

The aspirations of ONE Community Worldwide and the culture we perpetuate are best seen through the efforts and care we have put into our products. In the business of pursuing and sharing wellness, every product line that is retailed under the ONE Community Worldwide brand name delivers health, beauty and well being.

We explore the world for technical and medical innovations in our commitment to achieve quality and effective holistic health care, especially through natural therapy, for our customers as well as long-term business for our entrepreneurs.

Wellness Starts with a Healthier Body
eNUTRA™ : Pure and natural colostrum with lgG25%.
eDROPS™ : Vital Organic Water (VOW) concentrate.
eZOUT™ : Natural prebiotic and fiber supplement.
Wellness for Peace of Mind
eLIFE™ : Electric Field Health Instrument.
eMIND™ : Instrument to enhance learning and concentration, de-stress, rest and relaxation of the mind.
e eyeGYM : Vision enhancer using Color Impulse Therapy.
ebodycup : Modern version of cupping therapy.
eMAGNET PAD : Enhance your eLIFE treatment for better results.
Wellness is in the Air
eAROMA™ : Chemotyped, pure, natural, and organic plant essential oils.
eAIR™ : Air ioniser and aromatherapy diffuser.
Environmental Wellness Benefits All
eWASH™ : Detergent-free wash balls.
Beauty and Wellness
egemcells : Luxurious and anti-aging skin care range.
eFace Peptide : The one skin care ingredient to fight wrinkles.
eION enhancer : Beauty tool for EnergyLift effect.


We explore the world for technical and medical innovations…
especially through natural therapy